Your regular flight to Lourdes

With Albastar you can relax during your flight thanks to the services offered to those who need special assistance.

Fly in total safety

Albastar has obtained IOSA certification, which attests that Albastar complies with rigorous international standards and quality and safety criteria.


We will do our best to make you feel welcomed and pampered and transform your trip in a moment of relaxation and joy for the whole family.

Book your next trip with us


Whether it’s the pleasure of a family vacation, a fruitful meeting with new business partners or the hope of changing your life, with us you’ll be flying in the right direction.

Every day we work with passion and commitment in order to be your favourite airline.

By respecting certain standards, we can ensure you have the best travel experience on our flights, but not only that.
It is also because most of us know each other and have worked together for years: flying is travelling kilometres through the sky but it also means creating lasting relationships based on respect and trust, first of all among the staff members then with our customers.

I valori di Albastar


Professionalism and kindness

I flew with Albastar to Greece, Irene was on my flight: what can I say, professionalism and kindness at its purest.


Nice and professional

The hostesses were fantastic with me yesterday morning on my flight from Bergamo to Brindisi! Nice and professional.


The better flight to Lourdes

I have never been on a better flight to Lourdes, you are all wonderfully kind #ALBASTARFOREVER


A great company

Albastar is a great company! Great guys!


Very punctual

Comfortable flight, friendly and helpful crew, refreshments more than adequate, very punctual


A pleasant journey

Seats and footwell area clean, pleasant journey. Breakfast certainly needs improving… hostess and staff very knowledgeable and professional.



Mum, I caught the plane: how to let your child fly alone with Albastar

Mum, I caught the plane: how to let your child fly alone with Albastar

There are more and more unaccompanied children who catch a plane alone without their parents. Not all companies accept unaccompanied minors (UM), but we at Albastar do.
20 September 2019
Yes, travel! But up until which month can you fly when you are pregnant?

Yes, travel! But up until which month can you fly when you are pregnant?

The question as to up to which month you can fly arises spontaneously. Generally speaking, there are no contraindications to flying for future mothers or unborn children.
16 September 2019
Today we introduce Juan Mirallas, flight attendant

Today we introduce Juan Mirallas, flight attendant

Being a flight attendant means living with a suitcase at hand, so what is a typical day of a flight attendant like?
9 September 2019


For information and reservations, contact our call center:
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 7 pm | Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm
or fill in the form with your requests.

Excluding Italian public holidays. The telephone number is not a premium rate number.

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