How heavy should your luggage be if you travel with Albastar?

10 July 2019

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If you are not a professional traveller like Ryan Bingham, also known as George Clooney in “Up in the Air”, used to cramming everything you need into a very light trolley, there may be something that worries you slightly: the weight of your luggage.
To avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport, we feel we should clarify the our airline’s rules.
We do not want to bore you, but please remember that hand luggage is what you take on board with you and that you are responsible for. But let us proceed in order.

Have you purchased a short or medium-haul charter flight?

As a passenger you have the right, without paying extra, to carry only one unchecked piece of luggage: it is essential that it does not weigh more than 5 kg. If you have booked a seat on a scheduled flight, you can take a piece of luggage weighing 7 kg.
You should also pay attention to the size of your luggage, which should not exceed 115 cm, adding together its height, width and depth.

You can take your briefcase, PC bag, a coat or any other item of clothing, a woman’s handbag or an umbrella, a small camera or a pair of crutches on board free of charge. In accordance with Albastar’s policies, you will not be allowed to board with hand luggage that:

  • exceeds weight or size limits or is not of a suitable type
  • does not fit under your seat or in the luggage compartment
  • does not close properly.

Safety is an indispensable requirement to us, as is compliance with all our procedures directed at guaranteeing an impeccable travel experience for all passengers.
This is why it is important for you know that some items:

  • due to their weight, size or nature are accepted exclusively with the consent of Albastar
  • found unsuitable during security checks will be loaded in the hold as per our policy.

Do you want to check in your luggage?

All passengers, with the exception of infants, have the right to register one suitcase only: if you travel on a charter flight, the weight of your registered luggage may not exceed 15 kg. On scheduled flights, this weight limit increases up to 20 kg in accordance with the current tariff rules.

Two or more people belonging to the same family unit or who are travelling together on the same booking, on the same flight and to the same destination, and arrive at the check-in at the same time, are allowed to pool their registered luggage allowance. Here is an example so that it is clear: if you and another passenger have purchased a package holiday together and you are flying on one of our charter flights, you are each entitled to one piece of hold luggage weighing up to 15 kilograms. Nonetheless, you may combine the luggage weight entitlements of your suitcases up to a total combined weight of 30 kilograms. Consequently, between you, you may, for example, have one suitcase weighing 23 kilograms and another weighing 7 kilograms.

However, be careful: of course, Albastar complies with international regulations, therefore you may not register suitcases weighing more than 32 kg in the hold. If your suitcase exceeds this weight, it will not be accepted.

There are however certain exceptions to the rules that you should be aware of.

Items such as wheelchairs, musical instruments, filming equipment or tool boxes can be placed in the hold upon obtaining advance authorisation from Albastar. Please remember that you need to inform your travel agency of your wish to transport any such items at least two working days before your departure date.
For all these items that are marked as a special request (SSR), you may be required to pay a specific fee.

Here is the table of special luggage and items: take it as an example!

Would you like to check in additional luggage and kilograms to your entitlement?

If you have a ticket for a scheduled flight, you can purchase additional luggage and/or kilograms on Albastar’s website or by contacting our Call Center. If you have a ticket for a charter flight, however, you may only purchase additional luggage and/or kilograms at the airport.
Warning! You will be charged an additional fee for each kilogram of each piece of checked-in luggage you wish to register in addition to the first, including if the weight of your first suitcase is less than the permitted weight limit.
We will be entitled to refuse to embark your additional luggage if you fail to pay the additional fee.

Do you require more information? Is there anything that is still not clear or that we have not answered regarding Albastar’s rules on the weight of the luggage?

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